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     Golf Course:         LAS COLINAS
     Date of Play:       
February 26, 2022 (Saturday)
     Prize Money:        
$5 LC
     Cost to walk:       
     Cost to ride:       
     Net Skins event:    
(included in prepay, no longer optional).
     Prepay (if any):    
$65 (includes golf, cart, range balls, $5 LC & $5 skins).
     Tee Time info:      
8:00am shotgun.


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Signup by: Jerry Chruma | Date: Jan 21, 2022
Email Address for Jerry Chruma:
[email protected]
Prepay Info for Jerry Chruma:
$79/LC/Feb. 29
Players signed up by Jerry Chruma:
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Comments & Special Requests:
Loominator, Sulski, DeGroff, Perez, Quinn etc. as available.

Total Entries: 1

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